Best Kids’ Fitness Tracker – Garmin VivoFit Jr. 2

Have you ever wondered about ways to help children stay in shape or get in better shape?  Whether you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, or someone who works with children, we can definitely take simple steps to help our kids today.  The rate of childhood obesity is skyrocketing.  Getting children to be more active can help turn this disastrous situation around.

Making Fitness Fun

The Garmin VivoFit Jr. is amazingly durable, which is so necessary when we want our kids to wear it while they are playing and having a good time being physically active. It comes in a wide variety of styles for both girls and boys:


*     Broken Lava                                                            Garmin vívofit jr, Kids Fitness/Activity Tracker, 1year Battery Life, Red, Broken Lava

*     Digi Camo

*     Real Flower

Great Fitness Tracker Features that Make Kids LOVE It

This fitness tracker has a cool, stretchy band that is fun and easy to put on.  It is soft silicone, and feels comfortable on the skin.  The three available designs are colorful and unique.  This is ruggedly built, and able to take whatever activity the kids dish out.  You can easily replace the band as the kids get bigger, too.  It is easy to do.  It is a watch, stopwatch,  and fitness tracker, all in one.  It never needs charging, and the battery lasts for at least a year.

Having Fun with a Kids’ Fitness Tracker

As you have undoubtedly already figured out from the name of our family’s website, we really like fitness trackers.  And we happen to think that they are great for kids.  Not only are they easy to use, but they can really be fantastic motivators for children of all ages.

We love the Garmin Vivo Fit Jr. kids activity tracker.  If you read our other post, when we mentioned our cousin Jackson, this was the exact same fitness tracker that we had gotten for him for his birthday.  So it has been not only tested by us, but also tested hard by a boy we know very well.  And it took all the punishment that Jackson could dish out!

Fun and Games

The band displays time, date, steps, active minutes, chores completed, coins earned based on chores. Additionally it will display a timer (2, 5, 10, 20 and 30 min), a stop watch along with serial number and software edition. It is easy to go between the different settings and set timers. Our 4 year old cousin figured it out the same day he got it, and is a pro now.

This fitness tracker is certainly geared for kids, and features task timers (like for brushing your teeth), minutes active tracking, step tracking, and a coin system for doing chores.  Our family’s kids actually compete to see who can accomplish the most chores and earn the most points.  The timers for cleaning up and brushing teeth are fun and easy to use.  The piggy bank on the tracker tell you how many coins you have earned.

Kids can set it to adventure mode, which encourages them to get in more physical activity each day.   The game that comes on the app is so fun. They love to compete with one another to see who is active the most and who has more steps. It even has made them fall asleep faster because sleeping longer is a competion for them!

The vivofit jr. has the capability to give challenges to do a minimal daily physical acitvity (such as steps per day) and the child  can discover animals by doing a virtual hike everyday.  Parents can easily track the progress of each child on their app.

Putting It All Together

*     Very affordable (under $60.00)

*     High quality construction and very durable

*     This tracker is perfect for children ages 4 to 9

*     The battery has a one year life, so no recharging is needed

*     When the battery is in need of replacement, use the CR1632 coin cell

*     The strap is made of silicone and is stain-resistant

*     Attractive and fashionable

*     Easy to wipe off and keep clean

*     This one-piece band is stretchy and fits over hand and wrist comfortably

*     The vivofit is waterproof, so swimming is highly recommended

*     It can survive beach trips and summers in the pool

*     Super easy to put on, will not frustrate children when they do it themselves

*     Replacement bands are easy to buy as children grow

*     It actually tells the time, which is important for children

*     THe vivofit for kids is compatible with the parents’ mobile app

*     The free app includes fun and educational mobile adventures for kids

*     For parents, the free app also includes behavior managment and chore options

*     Great for positive reinforcement

*     Our cousin is doing his chores every day without having to be told and with no arguments

*     A fun way to encourage an active lifestyle

*     Kids can get a new fact about a new animal every time they reach their movement goal

*     Does not have game features that can be a distraction when worn at school

*     Parents can update chores and rewards right from the app on their phone

*     Ability to design rewards as a family for chores completed or fitness goals met

*     Super easy to use

*     Very motivating and no more nagging about chores

*     The chore option is an even bigger hit than I could have imagined and has provided structure at home

*     Promotes healthy competition and healthier families

*     You can set a timer to wake up

*     The alarm is gentle enough to wake up child without scaring him half to death

*     It can be personalized with child’s name

*     Multiple vivofit jr.’s can be synced to one phone

*     Enables parents to see how active and how much sleep time occurs when they are away

*      It reminds kids to keep moving instead of sitting around

*     Kids can compare their steps to siblings or parents

*     You can set up competitions which are fun for everyone




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