Fitness Tracker Rings – A Sleek Update in Wearable Tech

These cool smart rings are some of the latest innovations in wearable tech.  But are smart rings a smart choice for you?  Read on for the real 411…

Why should I know about wearable tech?

These activity trackers are part of a category called wearable tech.  Other devices include smart electronic devices that can be incorporated into clothing or worn on the body, such as implants or accessories.

Some of these other types of wearable tech include smart glasses, implantables, smart watches, and smart clothing.   The bottom line is this:  wearable tech has a specific purpose in providing real-time information about your health and fitness.

What are fitness tracker rings all about? 

Fitness rings offer you the ability to track your activity just like with fitness tracking bands or bracelets, but in a much smaller package.  This small size is one of its major advantages. Since these rings are waterprood and very comfortable, I barely even remembered that I was wearing one throughout the day.  This was a key difference from my fitness tracker band, which I noticed much more.

This is particularly great when it comes to sleeping.   Unlike with my fitness band, I was able to sleep with the the Motiv ring and not be disturbed by it.  For the first time, I was able to get truly accurate sleep tracking, since there was no bright screen or band around my wrist to interrupt my sleep.

My ring gives me helpful information on my sleep habits, without having to set anything.  It automatically tells me when I fall asleep, how long I sleep, and how much of that is restful sleep.

How does it work?

The ring is able to monitor your active heart rate to give you a clear picture of the benefit or impact of your workouts.  It tracks all of your activities, from your sleep to your first steps in the morning to your daily commute to your most challenging workouts.

It can go from shower to pool without a problem, and is even waterproof to a depth of 50 meters (165 feet).  It has a curved battery and flexible circuit board that enable the technology in this small device to monitor your heart rate, activity levels, and sleep habits.

Which one is the best?

After I tried several of these rings, I realized that I really liked the one by Motiv best.  This company has developed a discreet, attractive smart ring which is also able to tie into Amazon Alexa, Google Fit and Apple Health.  This has definitely helped me to get the most out of my activity tracking.

When I want to sync it with my iPhone on demand, I simply turn it around my finger three times.   It also automatically syncs to my phone in the background via Bluetooth.

I really never have to take it off, except to charge it briefly twice each week.   The Motiv ring comes with an easy to use charging dock that connects to any USB port for fast, simple charging.  Even this charging dock is extremely thin, light weight, and easy to use.

When I went camping and hiking with friends recently, I found out even more about the Motiv ring.  I did not have to worry about losing any data on my activity.  It has 3 days worth of onboard memory, without syncing.  That means that when I got home, my data was automatically synced with the app.  I didn’t lose a beat or a step.

It has a sleek, subtle, modern style which I love.  It is much less bulky than wearing an activity tracker bracelet or band.  Motiv has developed a flexible circuit board and curved battery to make this incredible technology work.


  • Made of lightweight, high quality titanium
  • Durable design
  • Weighs less than one penny
  • Super thin – Only 0.1 inch thick
  • 24/7 wearability
  • Able to track sleep patterns and quality
  • Good looking, minimalist styling
  • Up to 50mm (165 ft) for waterproof-ability
  • You can go for 3 days without charging the battery
  • Battery can recharge in 1.5 hours
  • Able to track heart rate and fitness
  • Seven ring sizes available
  • Sizing kit available to ensure proper fit
  • Digital sizing using the Motiv app
  • Online security to protect your sensitive data
  • Highly secure, two-step verification process
  • One year warranty from Motiv
  • 45 day money back guarantee from Motiv


  • Extremely small or large fingers may be difficult to size
  • Accurate fit is key to how well the ring works for you
  • Fit is more important with rings than bracelets or bands
  • So far, not many retailers available to enable in-person sizing
  • As of this time, shipping is only available in the U.S.
  • May be more expensive than fitness bands or bracelets


Putting it all together…


If you want a wearable tech device that you can wear 24/7, without anything disturbing your sleep, then a fitness tracking ring may be perfect for you.  The sleek, modern design looks great no matter where you are, at work, at home, or at the beach.  The Motiv ring definitely will not cramp your style.  My friends commented that they liked the ring because it didn’t make them look like a tech geek or fitness junkie – LOL.

If you decide that you want to try the Motiv ring, the company has made it easier to find the right ring size for you.  You can request a sizing set, which will be sent to your address.  This sizing set will help you figure out your best Motiv ring size, which can differ from traditional ring sizes.  Once you know your best size, you select the color and size that you want.  Then, you only have a short wait to receive your ring.  They will send it to you with free, two day priority shipping.

Please let me know what you think about this article.  Do you have a fitness ring or are considering getting one?  If you need any assistance or have any questions about wearable tech devices, please feel free to drop me a line below.







  1. Tracking fitness gains has become a very popular method in terms of technology used to do it with.  I like your article on how it discusses the different trends so to speak on how to do this.  The most popular is of course the fit bit.  I think if other ideas such as rings, ankle bands, monitors within shoes could also be a big hit!

    I see your passion within the fitness industry, which is a big one.  With the new year approaching and many new year resolutions to be made, I feel this website would be a great one in order for people to create ideas to generate their New Years Resolution for 2019!

    Good Work!

    • I completely agree, Garry.  This is a great way for us to keep our New Years Resolutions!  Thanks very much for your feedback.

  2. I am totally amazed by this product. I had no idea that we had shrunk down to technology so small that it could perform this function on a ring!

    I see that I have to charge it every 3 days and this makes me wonder if it is possible to replace the battery. Do these rings have that option?

    I’ve been clipping a fit bit device to my pocket for 5 years and cannot wear a bracelet or any other jewelry at work, so I have another question… When looking at this ring on a person and without considering its functions, would you say that this is a simple-looking ring? Or are there embellishments that I would have to consider while working in a food production environment? (For example, I cannot wear any ring with a stone in it or with protrusions that might get caught on something).

    The picture shown looks like it would fit the bill.

    Now, last question… If I had to remove this ring for my job, would it still function as an activity tracker if it is in my pocket?

    Thanks for a really enlightening article. I am moved to look into this new technology!

    • Thank you very much for your feedback.  These rings are sleek with no protrusions, a very modern design.  It would not function if kept in your pocket, however.  The battery charges quickly, in under two hours.  Thanks so much, again!

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